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At RES Physical Medicine and Rehab, we go beyond referrals. We collaborate with medical practitioners across many different specialties interested in forming a partnership with a no-fault pain management clinic that shares their values and can swiftly and ethically assist their patients and cases. Whether it’s working with the top surgeons in the area to manage a patient’s pre- and post-surgical medications, or collaborating with primary care physicians seeking a facility that will responsibly administer treatments to relieve their patient’s pain, our conscientious team will work to complement and collaborate on the treatment plan that’s best for them. And with next-day appointments available after a car accident, your patients can rest assured that their injuries will be swiftly evaluated and treated at an office that has specialized in no-fault insurance cases for years.

We look forward to establishing an excellent working relationship with your practice that can be mutually beneficial and grow over time.

DXD X-ray technology

Our state-of-the-art DXD x-ray technology allows the doctor to capture and visualize your patient’s body in motion with precision and effectiveness. The DXD report writing software can then accurately quantify ligament laxity correlating with the AMA Guidelines 4th Edition, 5th Edition (p. 378-79) and the 6th Edition (p. 578-79), providing you with the highest level of evidence based objective documentation of their spinal injuries. This unique software allows us to digitally plot the flexion/extension of the vertebrae down to the millimeter, thus providing the doctor with more accurate results than a static image may be able to provide. The end result is objectivity over opinion, with which we can then move forward for the purposes of progressive evaluation of treatment and possible referral to other medical healthcare providers for consultation and treatment options, and allows us to remain at the forefront of our medical specialty.

Schedule a time to discuss and/or demonstrate how we are using this objective based technology which allows better clinical evidence, better patient outcome, and clinical excellence.

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