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Long-term auto accident partnerships

At RES Physical Medicine & Rehab we are not just looking for referrals. We are looking for local firms that want to partner with a pain management center that works with them and can immediately help their clients and their cases.

If your client was injured in a car accident and needs an immediate diagnosis and treatment, we can help. We offer next day appointments and can provide objective, evidence based documentation that will help define and quantify automobile injuries. Upon request, our medical records team will promptly provide you with this documentation so that you may have complete and accurate files on your clients. We look forward to establishing an excellent working relationship with your firm that can be mutually beneficial and grow over time.

Evidence based objective documentation technology

Whether you are proving an injury or trying to determine if a patient has a permanent injury, our cutting-edge DXD x-ray technology will help you figure out just that. This state-of-the-art freeze frame technology allows the doctor to capture and visualize your client’s body in motion with precision and effectiveness. With our copyrighted images, we can then accurately quantify ligament laxity correlating with the AMA Guidelines 4th Edition, 5th Edition (p. 378-79) and the 6th Edition (p. 578-79), providing you with the highest level of Evidence Based Objective Documentation of their spinal injuries and allowing you to avoid rebuttals concerning subjectivity. This unique software allows us to digitally plot the flexion/extension of the vertebrae down to the millimeter, thus providing you with more accurate and objective documented evidence than a static image may be able to provide. The result is objectivity over opinion, with which we can then move forward for the purposes of progressive evaluation of treatment and possible referral to other medical healthcare providers for consultation and treatment options, and allows us to remain at the forefront of our medical specialty.

"I met with Dr. Strut and he thought that he could fix it for me. He's been giving me the injections in my ankle, and it no longer buckles. I think three months ago he started, and it's been good ever since, so I'm very, very, very happy."

Tim Mulhern

"I been goin for almost 3 years and all the staff has been very pleasant, respectful, and gives awesome customer service. It’s always clean when I walk in. I wouldn’t wanna go anywhere else!!!"


“Dr. Strut’s prolotherapy did wonders for my shoulder. I had a shoulder injury that was from overuse. Dr. Strut's prolotherapy has helped strengthen my shoulder and allowed me to get back to my regular routine quickly."


You’re in good hands

Our team specializes in auto accident injuries. It’s what we do and why we should be your first choice for diagnosis and treatment of your clients. Even better – we can provide evidence based documentation to help with your client’s cases. Our team has the experience and the specialization that is needed in these situations. 

Partner with an auto accident specialist

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