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RES Physical Medicine & Rehab is Buffalo’s top choice for individuals injured in an automobile accident. Our local team of experts is ready to help you begin your road to recovery. We use the latest and most innovative treatment options to manage your acute or chronic pain. With next day appointments available, you can get an immediate diagnosis and the right treatments scheduled. Because we specialize in auto accidents, we can also help match you up with the right people to help you on your journey to recovery: attorneys, chiropractors, physical and massage therapists, or other specialists.

We Treat All Types of Auto Injuries

If you have been involved in an automobile accident in Buffalo, you must deal with the crash’s after effects. Even if you are not in pain right after the collision, you may begin to feel the discomfort and pain creep into your life a day or so later. For many, this leads to chronic pain. For others, it leads to a life of pain medications.

How Does It Work?

If you are in a car accident in New York, it is covered under no-fault insurance. The process begins when you or the drivers involved in the wreck report the accident to an insurance company and start a claim. Anyone injured in the vehicle uses that claim to be treated by any medical professionals that accept no-fault car insurance. 

Whether the accident is your fault or not, you must go the car insurance linked to the vehicle you were in during the accident.  

"I met with Dr. Strut and he thought that he could fix it for me. He's been giving me the injections in my ankle, and it no longer buckles. I think three months ago he started, and it's been good ever since, so I'm very, very, very happy."

Tim Mulhern

"I been goin for almost 3 years and all the staff has been very pleasant, respectful, and gives awesome customer service. It’s always clean when I walk in. I wouldn’t wanna go anywhere else!!!"


“Dr. Strut’s prolotherapy did wonders for my shoulder. I had a shoulder injury that was from overuse. Dr. Strut's prolotherapy has helped strengthen my shoulder and allowed me to get back to my regular routine quickly."


You’re in good hands

Our team specializes in auto accident injuries. It’s what we do and why we should be your first choice for diagnosis and treatment. Our team has the experience and the specialization that is needed in these situations. 

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