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What is no-fault insurance?

No-fault insurance is an auto insurance system that is designed to streamline the claims process and provide benefits to individuals involved in car accidents, regardless of who was at fault. If you are in a car accident in New York, it is covered under no-fault insurance. The process begins when you or the drivers involved in the wreck report the accident to an insurance company and start a claim. Anyone injured in the vehicle uses that claim to be treated by any medical professionals that accept no-fault car insurance. 

Whether the accident is your fault or not, you must go through the car insurance linked to the vehicle you were in during the accident.

What is no-fault insurance?

This is a general overview of how no-fault insurance works.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP):

In a no-fault insurance system, personal injury protection (PIP) is a key component. PIP coverage is usually mandatory and helps cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other related costs resulting from a car accident, regardless of fault. PIP benefits are available to the policyholder and their passengers, as well as pedestrians or cyclists involved in the accident.

Coverage Limits:

Each jurisdiction sets specific coverage limits for PIP benefits. These limits determine the maximum amount that can be claimed for medical expenses, lost wages, and other eligible costs.

Filing Claims:

In a no-fault system, individuals involved in an accident typically file claims with their own insurance company, regardless of who caused the accident. The claims process is generally faster and more streamlined since fault determination is not required.

Restrictions on Lawsuits:

No-fault insurance systems typically will limit or restrict the ability of individuals to file lawsuits for car accident injuries. This means that individuals involved in accidents can normally only sue for severe injuries or damages that exceed certain thresholds defined by the jurisdiction.

Impact on Premiums:

No-fault insurance systems aim to reduce litigation costs and expedite claims, which can help keep insurance premiums relatively stable. However, the specific impact on premiums can vary based on factors such as the jurisdiction, individual driving history, and other relevant factors.
Seek medical treatment today

Seek medical treatment today

If you have been involved in an automobile accident in Buffalo, you have to deal with after effects of the crash. Even if you are not in pain right after the collision, you may begin to feel the discomfort and pain creep into your life a day or so later. For many people, this leads to chronic pain. For others, it leads to a life of pain medications.

If those options do not sound appealing to you, you should contact experienced Buffalo car accident doctor, Mikhail Strut. Dr. Strut is a trusted pain management doctor who helps alleviate the chronic pain associated with auto accidents. He is an expert in prolotherapy and other treatment options designed to provide relief from pain and help you heal.

We help treat your pain

The most common injury to come from a car accident in Buffalo is whiplash. Most cases of whiplash can be treated with one of our treatment options. Buffalo car accident physician Dr. Strut has been treating auto accident injuries for years, and whether you are dealing with whiplash, ligament sprains, or most any other injury, we can help treat your pain safely and naturally so you can return to what’s important in life.

We help treat your pain


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